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The Impact of Your Driving Record on Your Injury Claim: What You Need to Know

Your driving history plays a significant role in determining the price of your auto insurance and, in the event of an accident, the value of your injury claim. Your claim for damages may be rejected or reduced by the insurance company of the other motorist if you have a history of traffic violations or accidents.

It's a good idea to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible if you were in an accident that wasn't your fault and the liability insurance company is asking for copies of your driving record. An expert attorney can assist you in comprehending your rights and alternatives and can help you counter any claims that the insurance provider could make in light of your driving history.

Seek the assistance of an experienced attorney who can lead you through the claims process and defend your rights rather than attempting to navigate it alone.

Let’s Talk About How To Avoid Insurance Companies Undervalue Claims or Deny Claims Using Your Driving Record:

When is it Necessary to Share My Driving Record?

It is crucial to provide your attorney with

any pertinent facts as soon as possible so that they can be ready to defend your case. This covers any data that the at-fault insurance provider could try to utilize against you. The attorney-client privilege requires your lawyer to keep your conversations private in order for them to properly comprehend your claim and develop a compelling case for compensation. You may better protect yourself and improve your chances of a favorable outcome by being proactive in providing information to your lawyer.

Is Disclosure of Information Required?

During the process of seeking compensation for damages sustained in a car accident, it is important to understand when you may be required to disclose your driving record. While you may not need to disclose this information during settlement negotiations, you may be required to do so if you have filed a lawsuit. In this case, the disclosure of your driving record may be requested during the discovery process, which includes answering interrogatories and participating in depositions. Our attorneys are prepared to guide you through this process and help you understand your obligations.

What is the Impact of Prior Accidents or Traffic Infractions on Your Claim?

If you have a history of accidents or traffic infractions on your driving record, the insurance company may try to use this information to argue that your current injuries were a result of a prior accident or that you are at fault for the current accident due to a history of negligent driving. However, even if you have pre-existing injuries, the "eggshell skull rule" may allow you to recover full compensation if your injuries were exacerbated by a new accident. While more serious blemishes on your driving record, such as DUIs or driving with a suspended license, may be more difficult to argue against, you still have the right to pursue compensation for an accident caused by someone else's negligence. Our attorneys are prepared to review all legal options and build a strong case to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Use Legal Representation To Protect Your Claim.

Your ability to get the maximum amount of compensation for an injury claim may be impacted by your driving history. Having a competent lawyer on your side who can assist you in retaliating against the insurance company is crucial to protecting your rights and enhancing your chances of winning. Our lawyers have a track record of success and years of expertise working with accident victims. We are prepared to assist you in seeking the money you require to cover your medical expenses, lost earnings, and other damages. Please don't be reluctant to contact us if you need help. Call us right away.

If you were hurt in a Maryland vehicle accident and need legal representation, you may schedule a free initial consultation with us. All situations are diverse and unique, and this site is not meant to provide legal advice. Feel free to contact us at or call us at +1 (410) 876 4500.


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